ECAE assured its high-level capacity

ECAE assured its high level capacity

Aflatoxin is a type of fungus that attacks human and animal liver. If animal or human eats edible crops and cereals that are attacked by this fungus, liver might be affected. Even if the testing machine that can identify this fungus was not available across the country, ECAE now bought to strength the chemical laboratory at a cost of 12 million birr a machine called LC/MS/MS (liquid chromatography/ mass spectrometry/ mass spectrometry ) which can identify the fungus at a micro level that the product quality can be assured.

Before this new machine bought, cereals and edible crops were sent to other neighboring countries at a high cost to identify the fungus but now as this new machine is available in the chemical laboratory of ECAE, it has a number of advantages for the country such as saving foreign currency. The enterprise is being built its capacity day to day both in human resources and laboratory equipment that is why BIPEA, a France-based organization gave a proficiency testing for ECAE which helps to know its good stand. Meanwhile, the chemical laboratory can also identify the composition and adulteration of honey with other substances before which it could only identify water, mineral, and moisture elements found in honey.