ECAE & Lighting Global Africa gave training for electrical Laboratory staff in collaboration.

ECAE has been giving services in areas of laboratory testing, inspection and certification. And these services are given for the mass as well as for producers, importers & exporters.

To fit the services with an international standard, it has been doing its level best in areas of furnishing laboratory material and human capacity building. In the late fiscal year, 2007E.c in different seasons, capacity building activities are given and among these electrical laboratories is the fore mentioned one.

The enterprise has bought laboratory equipment called Solar Lan Turn Test which costs 528,400.4Birr and in collaboration with American, California research center Lighting Africa Global for the electrical laboratory of ECAE staffs for 7 days.

The training had been conducted from August 11-17/2007 E.C in Electrical Laboratory which is found at headquarter. As the trainers are well experienced and skillful knowledge transfer is achieved and it will also be possible to use the equipment for further analysis.