ECAE assessed its first-quarter performance!

In the first quarter of the fiscal year 2013, 4,324 services were provided in laboratories, export, and domestic production inspection and certification services. It also provided 294,300 metric tons of wheat and soil fertilizer inspection services through the port of Djibouti. ECAE is doing its part by collaborating with other stakeholders to ensure quality products and services and a fair marketing system based on quality.

At the current level of ECAE activity, regarding the work of achieving international recognition and accreditation lags behind, due to the fact that one of the affected sectors by COVID-19 in the country is the manufacturing sector, and the services provided by ECAE are directly related to the production sector works were not carried out as planned, but as a preparation phase, the first quarter of the budget year saw a good performance.

During the enterprise’s quarterly performance review it is indicated; focusing on tasks such as building enterprises capacity in terms of manpower and other physical resources, promoting the services, achieving International accreditation recognition and sustaining it in all three core areas of the enterprise, and working in collaboration with stakeholders with commitment and diligence for national results and in the framework of the national response to combat the potential problem of COVID-19, which is a common problem of the world would continue and keep up the good work.

In addition, all stakeholders need to have a proper and better quality attitude in order to do the right thing for today’s civilized world. It recognizes that any organization in the public and private sector that did not satisfy the needs of its customers or with any customers or stakeholders who are dissatisfied with its products and services is at risk and needs to give due attention to quality.