ECAE begins to test the amount of fiber found in packed foods

The service enables to identify the quality of food.

Researches currently depict that fiber found in food products helps to normalize weight and prevent colleen cancer. By scaling up its capacity in well-trained human resources and laboratory equipment, the Ethiopian conformity assessment enterprise, chemical laboratory, launches to test the amount of fiber especially found in packed powder foods products.

In related news, the enterprise in collaboration with the water technology institute gives a one month theoretical and practical training for professional staffs on how to identify the quality of drinking water through laboratory testing and also build up their understanding of food safety management system (ISO 22000) and laboratory management system (ISO 17025) which helps to play a key role in ensuring safe water for the mass.

The Ethiopian conformity assessment which is federal owned public enterprise making its services modernize deliver laboratory testing, inspection and certification services for the mass and also able to replace the systems to a newly revised once ISO/IEC 17021:2015 and ISO 9001:2015.

Products & services must be certified: the  participants stressed

In the fiscal year of 2008 E.C 1st meeting with public wing representatives, Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise raised an issue of certification for those especially in the sector of mandatory products like food and this process will ensure quality through an effort done in coalition with regulatory bodies & producers. All participants agreed on and stressed the implementation soon.

                               at the meeting