ECAE Assesses First Quarter of 2014E.C Performance!

In the first quarter of the 2014 fiscal year, Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise (ECAE) offered 3,983 services (via testing, inspection, and certification) and 325,817metric tons of fertilizer inspection through the port of Djibouti. ECAE, which is equipped with cutting-edge testing, inspection, and certification capabilities, has been working with other stakeholders to assess whether relevant national and international or country-specific standards and legal requirements are being met, as well as providing conformance certification to manufacturers, service providers, and imported and exported products, in order to ensure high-quality products and services, ensure the long-term viability of our country’s economic growth through enabling a fair trade system.

During the quarterly performance review meeting, the members of the management team made a statement; the quarterly results show that the annual plan will be implemented as intended. ECAE has planned to increase its capacity by providing new conformity assessments and related activities. In accordance with the agreement with Bureau Veritas key process experts and support process workers has received capacity building training. Similarly, ECAE experts conducted two rounds of capacity-building trainings for the Somaliland Quality Control Commission.

In order to carry out its services in accordance with the plan, it is claimed that more attention should be paid to enterprise capacity building via manpower and resources, advertising and sale of the enterprise’s services, maintaining international recognition, and acquiring new recognition to new service scopes in all laboratory testing. ECAE doing its part by bringing to market high-quality, safe products that protect society, the environment, and the economy from harm caused by unsuitable items.