Ethiopian Industrial Inputs Development Enterprise officials visited ECAE.

Ethiopian Industrial Inputs Development Enterprise Officials Visited ECAE.

Ethiopian Industrial Inputs Development Enterprise (EIIDE) officials and experts from various departments paid ECAE a working visit. The visit’s objectives were to see firsthand how the Ethiopian Conformity Assessment Enterprise  test & inspect products for quality, to establish a favorable working environment for future collaboration between the two enterprises in maintaining the quality of industrial inputs and outputs, and to share public enterprise experience. The delegates  have been explained about the laboratory testing, inspection, and certification services offered by ECAE as well as the Corporate Social Responsibility Guideline developed and executed by ECAE by Ato Teshale Belihu, director general of the enterprise. On the same day, they went on a tour and visited nine laboratories where the ECAE perform quality testing.

EIIDE is an enterprise whose mission is to stabilize the market and help the country’s manufacturing sectors by supplying high-quality industrial inputs as well as making certain industrial products easily available to customers. It achieves this by utilizing skilled labor, an operational system supported by technology, and robust supply and marketing chains. According to the officials, the two enterprises should work together in order to accomplish their respective missions.