Certified Companies – Bottled Water and Drinking Water

Bottled Water and Drinking Water


Company Name



License No

Issue Date
1Ambo Mineral Water FactoryAMBO Carbonated mineral water AMBO Carbonated Mineral water 20010130/1/2007
2Kemal Bejiga & Family General Trading PLC Mineral water Fham10028924/3/2008
3Eden Business PLC Bottled water Eden10008307/12/2006
4Yekabdi Agro processing PLCBottled water wow 10040406/04/2009
5Bahiru Abreham water industryBottled water Hiwot 10040212/04/2009
6Violet General Business PLCBottled water Cheers10009813/1/2007
7Nasalle water Ethiopia S.C Manufacturing PLCBottled water Abyssinia10009923/11/2007
8ABM water manufacturing PLCBottled water Unique10028117/3/2008
9Telil spring water PLCBottled water Telil10033605/03/2009
10Tamre & Family PLCBottled water Alpha10040326/8/2009
11Kunis Barii General trading PLCBottled water Sheger10029128/3/2008
12Konjit Industry PLCBottled water Konjo10049929/9/2010
13NEHE Beverage complex PLCBottled water Delta10047804/04/2010
14Yitem coffee Business PLCBottled water Joy10046813/7/2010
15Non Agro -Industry & Trading PLCBottled water Esey10041208/07/2010
16 Al-Tewba Trading PLCBottled water Care10045602/05/2010
17Ok Bottling & Beverage PLCBottled water Fikir10045509/05/2010
18Belima International PLCBottled water Daily10050008/05/2010
19Selam spring Mineral water factoryBottled water Armay10040527/4/2009
20AbahawaTrading PLCBottled water One10028117/3/2008
21Asku PLCBottled water Aquaddis10008407/12/2006
22Damot industrial & commercial PLCBottled water Gift 10029604/05/2008
23Aqua Silva Water FactoryMineral water silva 10018009/11/2007
24SBG industrial PLC Mineral water Arki10027816/3/2008
25Yohannes Bifa Belda Water FactoryBottled water In10026917/3/2008
26Al-Akl plcBottled water Ambassader 10031406/07/2008
27Mersha Hailu Natural spring water factory Bottled water Blu10009613/1/2007
28Nyala PLCBottled waterAva10040602/05/2009
29Debre Birhan Natural Spring Water PlCBottled waterAqua safe10077706/08/2012
30Yes foods & beverage plcBottled wateryes100082/10031307/12/2006/08/07/2008
31Tramp Business plcBottled waterAqua nova10031806/08/2008
32Top Beverage Industry and TradingBottled waterTop one/ Top two100488/ 10080018/11/2010/1/6/2013
33A.S.S.H packed water Pvt.Ltd companyBottled waterFine10053209/12/2010
34Yared Trading plcBottled waterWin40055301/02/2011
35Twin Cities Industrialist PLCBottled waterVita30011927/4/2007
36Abdureshed Elmi Food ComplexBottled waterAqua Liben30015421/9/2007
37Ayaan Mineral Water PLCBottled waterAyaan30017601/11/2007
38MDE Bottling PLCBottled waterAqua Uno
36Moha Soft Drink industry S.C (Semit)Bottled waterKool Carbonated water10028217/3/2008
37Moha Soft Drink industry S.CBottled waterKool Carbonated water &
tossa spring
38Moha Soft Drink industry S.CBottled waterKool carbonated water60017501/11/2007
39Fereja & Family PLCBottled waterAqua Bilen80014728/8/2007
40Jari Natural Spring Water Industry PLCBottled waterDessie70014828/8/2007
41Engineer Zelalem w/Amanuel Beza Natural spring water factoryBottled waterBeza40041919/10/2009
42Teshome Gude Natural mineral waterBottled waterSelam10027917/3/2008
43Dal-Son spring water manufacturingBottled waterDal son30057101/06/2011
44Bable Mineral water, Juice & Soft drink factoryBottled waterBable carbonated water30056303/01/2011
45Solomon Alemu spring water factoryBottled waterFree30056102/01/2011
46Pacific Industries PlCBottled waterPromise10011226/3/2007
47Ker water production plcBottled waterTseday10056523/2/2011
48General Group Beverage plcBottled wateravante10052117/3/2011
49Son’s Industries plcBottled waterBest10048913/6/2011
50Nared General trading plcBottled waterWub10056428/6/2011
51Tadesse Debele Purified water factoryBottled waterToday10053106/13/2011
52Kiya Natural mineral water Bottling factoryBottled waterKiya10057506/13/2011
53Amen Natural spring water factoryBottled waterVictory10050911/02/2012
54Erist trading plcBottled waterchoice60053017/4/2011
55Weha ha Bottling PLCBottled waterGenet60056730/1/2012
56Sheh siraji Sheh hussen packed water factoryBottled waterKefta60069014/7/2012
57Galema spring water plcBottled wateroda10052816/2/2011
58Geraba bottling plcbottled watersouth spring40051719/1/2012
59Bereket Bottled water industry PLCBottled waterTena40056221/4/2012
60Geda bottled water manufacturing plcBottled waterGeda400060309/07/2012
61Aqua soul mineral water factoryBottled waterAqua soul30065014/10/2011
62Amefada industry plcBottled waterBoss10067829/6/2020
63S Sara Water BottlingBottled waterAfrica drinking10065119/01/2013
64Aqua Sheka Production of Bottled water plcBottled watertsega drinking40056921/01/2013
65New life industry & trading plcBottled waterAman packaging10076125/03/13
66East Hub Food and Beverage IndustryBottled WaterMina drinking water30074507/01/2014
67BNT Industry and Trading PLCBottled WaterDega Packaged Drinking Water10079007/01/2014
1Wolayta sodo town water supply & sewerage enterpriseTap waterdrinking tap water40068919/11/2012
2Arba minch town water supply & sewerage enterpriseTap waterdrinking tap water40076009/07/2012